How to Join a Group on the Hub

Joining a Group on the Hub

You must first register for the Research Hub and log into the site for the button to join a group to display. Join the Hub now >>

How to Join a Campus or Special Interest Group

Once you have identified a group you would like to join, follow these instructions.  

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Navigate to the home page for the group you'd like to join.
  3. At the top-left of your preferred Research Center home page, at the left hand side, is a link that says “Request Group Membership.” Click that button to begin.
  4. A page will appear with a button that says "Join." To continue, click the Join button. If you change your mind, you can click canel or navigate away from the page to stop the process.
  5. Once processed by the system, you will receive an email with additional information. This usually only takes a few minutes.
  6. For troubleshooting, please reach out to us at


Norris Krueger's picture Norris Krueger | December 17, 2017 8:20 pm MST

As SIG leader. is there an easy way to send a message to all the members? 



Chara Price's picture Chara Price | December 18, 2017 12:19 pm MST

Hi Norris,

You can request an up to date email list from the site administrator ( or create one yourself using the group directory.   Thanks for the question!


Chara Price, with the Office of Scholarship Support

Wayne McCoy's picture Wayne McCoy | April 18, 2018 5:18 pm MST

Hopefully this is the proper forum for this question.

Can somone point me to a resource to obtain a copy of the MLQ 5x short?

Lynn Doran's picture Lynn Doran | August 30, 2019 12:40 pm MST

There is a fine comprehensive bibliography of commercially available tests. Tests in Print IX (University of Nebraska Press) holds description on some 3000 testing instruments. You may be able to request it through your local library. The text will provide you an index to the Mental Measurements Yearbook. Tests in Print IX is available throught Buros Center for Testing.


Hope this is some help and not too late!

Lynn M Doran, EdD