How to Format Your Content for Moderator Approval

Format Your Content for Moderator Approval

Due to the public nature of the site, it's important to collectively put our 'best foot forward' when publishing content on the site. This is especially true as scholars and researchers working to disseminate valuable information. Items not in keeping with the basic suggestions below may be unpublished or deleted from the site. Moderated items may be rejected or unpublished. 

Basic Formatting Guidelines

  • Use APA 6 when drafting any content. 
  • Use Title Case for content titles and headers and appropriate formatting (e.g. Header 1, Header 2). See more tips for creating a title >>
  • Use the hyperlink tool and formatting tools to better organize your content. Instructions below.
  • Use bulleted lists to simplify large bodies of text. 
  • Use sub-headers to break up sections of text by topic. Instructions below.
  • Cite your sources. If images or verbiage are not your own unique creation, please reference the sources in the footer of your content.  Use hyperlinks whenever possible to refer to original online sources. 
  • Avoid editing the color or size of your text as it can make your content hard to read and turn visitors away. Also, existing formatting options set by the web developer may affect colors, fonts, and so forth in the final display.
  • Limit use of underline, bold, and italics, and please use only one format on a select piece of text at a time.
  • Avoid formatting of hyperlinks and emails as both will be highlighted automatically in final display. 

Formatting Your Text 

It can be tempting to add special formatting and color to your text. Perhaps it is intended to catch the reader's eye or bring attention to a specific piece of information. Unfortunately, while an author's eyes may adjust to both the content and appearance of a published item, use of this is very off-putting to the reader and should be avoided.

Instead, there are default settings available in the formatting tools above most "body" and "description" text fields. The toolbar looks something like this:

The formatting options that display are in the drop-down highlighted on the bottom left here:

 As you format your text, please note that the final output will display differently than what you see on the edit screen. For help with content formatting, please contact site support at 

Adding a Hyperlink

 Plain hyperlinks and email address included in your text are automatically turned into functional weblinks when published. This feature is only to add hyperlinks to text. 

To hyperlink a word or phrase in your content, click the button highlighted in the image below. This will open a pop-up in which you can paste your hyperlink.