How to Format Content in Your Group

How to Format Content in Your Group

Guidelines below apply to all items listed on the Add Content screen, excluding Research Projects.

Design Guidelines

"Titles" or "Subjects" should:

  • Use title case
  • Exclude punctuation, including commas, dashes, and ellipses
  • Should not exceed 12 words. Instead, use the summary feature to provide additional detail

"Body" or "Description" sections should:

  • Use the established formats provided in the WYSIWYG toolbar
  • Use items designed attract attention minimally and one at a time (e.g. bold, underline, italic)

Images should:

  • Be purchased or permitted by the creator for use in the Group
  • Reference their source if copyrights are restricted
  • Should include a block of text before the addition of an image IF there is also an image included in the 'Featured Image' upload.

Tags should: