How to Create a Group on the Research Hub

Creating a Group on the Research Hub

Please review all of the FAQs below before reaching out to requesti creation of a special interest group here on the Hub. 

What is a “Special Interest Group” or interactive group?

This is an online, interactive, group space designed to allow University-affiliated researchers to connect over specific research interests. Groups are managed by volunteers who take responsibility for the group content, including moderation responsibilities. These groups may or may not report to a specific Research Center Chair, University Campus, College, or School. These groups are intended for research and scholarship interests for University-affiliated researchers, including faculty, students, alumni and staff.

How do the groups work?

The groups serve as online communities that allow affiliates to connect with one another around specific research interests. Group managers can post news to keep their group’s affiliates informed, and affiliates can post blogs and discussion forum topics to engage with one another. Group managers and affiliates must be registered users of the University of Phoenix Research Hub to participate in the group.

How do I request approval to launch an interactive group on the Research Hub?

Initial requests should be sent to the Research Hub support inbox at The support team will reply with additional questions and documentation. Groups require a University sponsor, a formal charter, specialized training, and an ongoing commitment to maintain the group.

What does it cost to host a group on your site?

Groups are currently a free feature of the site, available to select parties within the University of Phoenix.

What if my group does not line up with a Research Center, campus location, college or school?

If your group is focused on a research interest outside of the above, or crosses over multiple areas, please contact directly for additional support. 


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     I will be using email address for communications.  

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