How to Access the Academic Review or Scholarship Requirement SharePoint Sites

How to Access the Office 365 SharePoint Sites

There are two ways to access the official Office365 SharePoint sites.  The first is to directly access the site via the link below and log in. The second is to log into eCampus, go to your faculty Inbox, and navigate to the SharePoint app using the Apps icon (at the top of your Inbox).


  • Bookmark the link for future access. It is not featured on the eCampus home page.
  • Always reference the site first for the latest news and up-to-date materials.
  • Similar to the Research Hub, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer. 

How to Access the Site Directly from the Link

After clicking the link above, you'll be directed to a login page for Office365, which can be confusing to some. It is a landing page to direct traffic to our unique University of Phoenix portal:

Access here requires you log in using your eCampus username and password. Your eCampus login is the prefix to your eCampus email address, which should end with  For example, if your eCampus email address is "BigResearch1@", your username would be "BigResearch1".

Once you have entered your eCampus credentials, you will be directed to a secondary sign in page that should look more familiar (image below).  If the credentials carried over, you can click the button to sign in using your eCampus sign in.

If it is not there, enter your eCampus log in. This will redirect you to the official sign in page. 


Additional step-by-step document with instructions for both options (updated Nov.2017) 

If you have any trouble accessing eCampus, please contact Faculty Technical Support at: 800-800-3493