Best Practices for Adding a Publication

Best Practices for Adding a Publication

Because there are a large number of fields available on this screen, and the information you have on hand for your publication may vary by publication type, it is important to fill out the fields as completely as possible when Adding a Publication.

How to Ensure a Complete Listing of Your Publication

Well-documented publications feature most, if not all, of the fields below. In addition to the list of recommended fields, an abstract is strongly encouraged. Without it you’ll have a very large blank space on the publication, once published.

Finally, we recommend you include the necessary information to allow a site member to create a good APA citation from your listed publication.

Important Fields to Complete

  • Article title
  • Journal title
  • Year of publication
  • Publication type
  • Optional: Add additional authors and editors
  • Volume, edition, section, issues and page numbers should be included as appropriate
  • Include key dates, including actual date of publish, place published, and type of work
  • Language
  • Publisher
  • ISSN, ISBN, Call number, DOI
  • Add a tag - Tags make your content searchable in the site. Feel free to use existing tags or create new ones
  • Optional: Add any Research Project(s) in your Research Center you’d like it affiliated with
  • Awards or recognitions
  • Add media files or links for related music or video recordings
  • If it’s peer-reviewed, note it.

 Please do not download your paper from the journal and add it here. To do so would be copyright infringement. Instead, add a link to your paper to the website it can be accessed from.

For detailed video walk-through, visit Adding Publications to Your Profile. The video tutorial for adding Publications begins around the 1 minute mark.

Review Your Work

While some of the site content requires moderation, this content type does not. In addition to proofreading before clicking Publish, we highly recommend reviewing the published item once it is live on the site. There are two ways to do this:

  • You can view your profile, and find the link to the publication listed there.
  • Using the black navigation bar at top, click on “Shortcuts” and “Find Content” to do a search of your content by title or username. Newer items are always listed at the top, so it may already be at the top of the list.
  • Click on the link to view your Publication.