How to Get Started as a New User

Getting Started as a New User

This site is built to support University-affiliated researchers at the doctoral and post-doctoral level. Most of the content is publicly accesible without a user registration. Registration is required by select University faculty, and encouraged for students and alumni from within the School of Advanced Studies. Registering automatically subscribes you to the site's system notifications and newsletters.

 Once created, user profiles on the Research Hub are publicly visible on the web.

Requesting Access

eCampus Users

For University of Phoenix faculty, students, and alumni with an eCampus account, click here to get started immediately

For staff, please use the instructions below to request user access. 

non-eCampus Users

For University affiliates who do not have an eCampus account, please send an email to including:  

  • Your first and last name
  • Your University of Phoenix status as a student, alumni, faculty, and/or staff. (Include all that apply)
  • Your system email address or other identifier. Note: You may be asked additional verification questions.

External Research Affiliates

If you are an external research affiliate (non-University of Phoenix user), please reach out to the Research Center Chair for the Center you'd like to join via email to discuss getting involved. They can then request your user registration directly. 

Additional Resources

All new users - regardless of how they first log in - are verified by the Research Hub support team and can expect multiple messages in follow-up to their request within 2 business days. If you do not hear back, please reach out to the team again. 


Frank Salamone's picture Frank Salamone | May 10, 2016 11:31 am MST

I would like to learn about the research of other social scientists.

Frank Salamone