How to Find a Saved Draft

Finding Your Saved Drafts

Whenever you create a piece of content, there is the option to save it as a draft or to publish, which sends it to your Research Center's moderators to review.

If you save an item to draft, you can find the item in your Content Workbench. To view it:

  1. Log into the site if you have not already
  2. Using the navigation at the very top, click "Shortcuts" then select "Content Workbench"
  3. The"My Content" tab will automatically display. 
  4. To view saved drafts of moderated content, click "My Drafts" and search or sort using the options in the form.
  5. To view drafts of other types of content, such as forum topics, click "My Edits" and a list of recently added / edited content will appear.
  6. To sort for unpublished items, click the "Published" drop-down and select "No." Click "Apply." Your unpublished drafts will appear in the filtered list.
  7. NOTE: Once a moderated item has been changed to the "Needs Review" it will be unavailable until the moderator has responded. 

For questions about the state of approval for a specific piece of content you've submitted, please contact the lead for whichever group it was submitted to.

For technical questions and more detailed troubleshooting, please email us at for assistance.

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