How to Choose a Research Center

Choosing a Research Center

Why do I need to join a Research Center?

In order to share news, add a blog entry, or access the forums on the site, you must first request and be accepted for membership for a Center. 

 At this time, registered users are permitted to join only one Research Center. To transfer to a different Research Center, please contact the administrator at

How do I choose the right one?

The key to selecting the right Research Center is to explore our Research Centers. To view them, follow these directions.

  • To access a specific Research Center, click the 'Research Community' link at the top of any page on the site and select 'University Research Centers' in the drop-downto view the complete list of Research Centers.
  • Click on the Research Center(s) that appeals to you. Each Research Center has a unique page with information about the work they’re doing. 
  • You can also visit the Research Center directory directly or
  • Learn more about the different Research Centers

How do I join a Center?

Once you've found the right Research Center, follow these instructions to join.



Dorothy Williams's picture Dorothy Williams | May 16, 2016 2:38 pm MST

After reviewing the various research centers, I would like to join the above group. I am hoping that within this group I will be able to write, publish, and present articles.