How to Add an Event

Adding an Event to Your Group

The "Event" content type allows you to create event listings on your group’s event calendar or to the Research Hub calendar.  You can use this to promote your event in a page or news article. 

You must be an active affiliate of a Research Center to submit an Event for moderation.

When to Use an Event

The following events are recommended:

  • Conferences and workshops your Group actively supports
  • Conferences and workshops your Group actively attends
  • Webinars and meetings hosted by your Group 
  • Professional development opportunities

If it is not clearly indicated on the Event listing, note your Group's level of involvement and why it is included in the calendar.

To Add Events to Your Research Center

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Click “Shortcuts” in the black navigation bar at the top of the page
  3. Click “Add Content”
  4. Select “Event”
  5. The form will open that allows you to add an Event to your Research Center.
  6. Complete the Title, Body and Event Date sections (see below for best practices)
  7. Optional: Click "Edit Summary" to add a one-sentence summary, add an Image at the top, or provide additional Event Details.
  8. Select a group affiliation. Even if there is only one listed, you must click on the item to select it.
  9. When complete, scroll down to the "Revision Information" section and change the Moderation State to "Needs Review" Click Publish.
  10. Your Event will then be entered into a "Needs Review" queue.
  11. Your Research Center Chair or another content moderator will then approve the content, making it live on the site, or deny and provide feedback for improvement. 

Available Fields

Please use the description below to best fill out the Add Event page. 

  • Title: This will be the main title of your piece and will be the header once published.  It should be approx. 3-8 words, in title case, and should clearly identify the event.  
  • Body: This is where a description of the event will be added. You do not need to add information such as date, time and other fields listed below here as it will be duplicated in the final display. Identify what the event is, who should attend, any sponsors or leaders, relevant links, and why people should attend. Use the URL tool to link the speakers (e.g., Hub bio) or for additional information. 
  • Edit Summary: This hyperlink reveals a hidden field that allows you to create a brief summary of your event, which will display in certain views. It is optional and you can click the hyperlink again to hide the field at any time.
  • Image: This image will be included in the event summary and at the bottom of the detailed event listing. It will be resized to fit the space. Click ‘Browse’ to open the Media Library, where you can then upload an image or find one in the existing library.
  • Event Date: For one-day events, you’ll want to uncheck the box “Show End Date” and list both dates as the same date. Note: For events spanning multiple days, the event will drop off the calendar once the first date has been reached.
  • Event Details: This is where you can add a location, type of event, and so on.  If the event is online, you may add information on how to attend here.
  • Public: This box should only be published for events that use the site to keep track of RSVPs. For help with this, please contact
  • Group Affiliation: You will need to select the affiliation(s) you would like this blog entry to be affiliated with. If more than one Research Center is available, please contact

How to Publish or Save as a Draft

At the bottom of the page, there are three options to choose from, all explained below.

  • Publish: You must modify the moderation state to 'Needs Review' if you would like to publish. Once selected, clicking this button submits the entry for moderation by your Research Center’s Chair.
  • Save as Draft: Clicking this button saves the draft to the system to be addressed by you, the author, at a later time.
  • Cancel: This button returns you to the previous screen and does NOT save any information you’ve added on this page.

User Restrictions

Any member of your Group can add an Event but the group's admin, support administrators, and site administrators must approve and publish it using the My Workbench moderation tools.

Registration Form

If you would like to include a registration form, reach out to the site admin at  Include a link to your event (draft is okay) and identify the person who should receive the registrations.