Pilot Trial of a Digital Game-Based Knowledge Sharing Intervention Program: Primary Measures


An example of emerging technology is digital games to create experiential learning environments in andragogy. Nevertheless, few studies exist on the evaluation of behavioral capabilities using game-based interventions. Pilot trials are stand-alone pilot studies that involve a randomization procedure to draw on the unique interplay of learners, the game, and the behavioral capability association before conducting a full-scale study. This article includes the results of a pilot trial of a training intervention program using two versions of a digital game to enhance knowledge sharing (KS). Sixty employees from a population of 143 at a Russian manufacturing site was randomized to 20 three-person teams. Teams were randomized to groups: the intervention group played a digital game that contained elements of self-efficacy for teamwork, (DG Version SE); the control group played a digital game devoid of elements of self-efficacy for teamwork, (DG Version NSE). Trial outcomes included positive but not significant differences in individual and team behavior in KS of participants who received DG Version SE compared to participants who received DG Version NSE. Of greater importance, was recognizing the value of a pilot trial before engaging in a full-scale, costly study.


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Journal Article
Deniz Paulic
Lynne Devnew
Susan E. Mandel
Heather W. Allen
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Simulation and Gaming
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