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$10 Million in Grants to Promote OpenNotes and Study Impact on Patient Engagement

More than ten million patients now have online access to the notes and care plans written by their doctors

21st Century Cures Act Shows Bipartisan Support for Advancing Health IT

Tucked away in the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, just passed by both chambers of Congress and ready for President Obama’s signature, is legislation that could have a profound impact on the drive for more widespread interoperability of electronic health record systems (EHRs).

Raising the Bar on Data Transparency in Healthcare Research: Sharing Data Is Imperative

Since our discussion about the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines, the chorus for greater data transparency in research is growing louder with another dimension to the conversation.

Research: The genesis of innovation in health care?

The pace of innovation in health care needs to quicken for health care organizations to achieve the

Apple's Healthkit Gaining Traction in Healthcare Research Efforts

Recent announcements by large health systems show that Apple’s HealthKit is moving into the mainstream of health care

EHR Use a Bitter Pill for Many Physicians: Study Reveals Physicians’ Perceptions of EHR Systems and Points to Remedies

Physicians have invested in EHRs with the expectation that the technology will improve the quality of care and make their practices more efficient. For many, realization of these benefits remains elusive.

Leveraging Public Health Data Sets to Conduct Breakthrough Research: Center for Healthcare Research Fellows are Leading the Way

The expanding availability of digital health data from public sources, coupled with increasingly powerful analytics software, is opening a new frontier for healthcare research.

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Setting Research Goals for the New Year

Read on for Center Chair Dr. Gillespie's recommendations for putting your researching goals into action this year.

Healthcare Providers' Difficulties Implementing Certified Electronic Health Records: A Barrier to Exchange of Patient Data Needed to Improve the Quality of Care

The Meaningful Use objectives and criteria are intended to improve the quality, safety, efficiency of electronically


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