The Impact of Female Micromanagement on Male Workers: A Qualitative Empirical Phenomenological Study

Event or Conference: 
2018 KWB Research Summit
The intention of this study was to investigate the impact of gender specific (female) micromanagement on male workers. The vast majority of the participants feel that they are being controlled; nothing they do is ever good enough; they no longer have the option to take initiative; there is no autonomy; they have little or no input for how to achieve organizational goals (Bobinski, 2009), and most importantly; they feel as though they are being emasculated. Hence, the core focus of this study is to afford its audience with a better understanding of the effects of micromanagement from a male’s perspective, as oftentimes strong attitudes, leadership skills, and roles are associated more so with male leaders and managers (Breen & Hamel, 2007) as opposed to female managerial leads.