Effectiveness of ITIL: IT Professionals' Perspectives

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The rapid changes in IT technologies has introduced numerous challenges in dealing with the complexity of the tools, technologies, and processes align with IT business objectives. Organizations faced dealing with rapid technology changes and complex IT disciplines while conducting business. Often, business leaders who demanded speedy changes undermined considerations for adhering to a process model to assist in transitioning and adopting new technologies. The Wall Street Journal reported the cause of many businesses IT failures as misalignment of IT with the needs of business to deliver expected outcomes (Basu & Jarnagin, 2008). Several factors could contribute to misalignment, such as lack of a process model, inadequate resources, defects in IT governance, and the difficulty of managing rapidly changing technology. Previous studies have examined the effectiveness of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL); and how well ITIL aligns with corporate business strategies.

This paper examines the IT professionals’ perspectives and its effectiveness on business strategies and success. The study investigates if there are benefits of adopting a process model to improve key related business processes. The intent of the paper is to examine whether a strategic IT business alignment exists when selecting a prescribed process model in an enterprise. IT professionals’ perspectives, engagement and support could be the essential element in the success of the adoption and implementation of a prescribed process model within an organization. IT Professionals and practitioners invited to share their perspectives on the effectiveness of ITIL and its impact to the organizations’ success. The study will uncover if a strategic IT business alignment exists when selecting a prescribed process model in an enterprise; and if the implementation of a prescribed process model affect the overall organizational success.

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Conference Proceedings
Shaykhian, G. A.,
Said, K. A.
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ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016
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