My doctoral research journey: A controversial study


The decision to pursue a terminal degree represents a life-changing commitment. As a student, you are pushed to the limits and forced to make tough choices. Do I spend valuable time with family and friends, or do I study? Do I give up hobbies and make the conscious decision to hole up in a room alone for hours every day for perhaps three or more years? Did you know that research shows the average time to complete a doctoral degree is more than seven years, and most either quit or finish all but dissertation (ABD)? In this book, you will read the stories of people who made this commitment. The stories are the authors' personal reflections about how they achieved their degree or are surviving the grind of a program. You will read about trials and tribulations and also success. Perhaps more important, this book is about real life. The authors are you!

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Book Chapter
Gabriel Flores
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in Ph.D. War Stories: Real People, Real Stories, Real Success
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
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Evolution Strategists Press
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ISBN: 061567089X
George W. Rideout

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