What we can learn from Froebel's Kindergartens

This article discusses the nature of the original Kindergartens as they were  envisioned by their creator, F. Froebel, and then describes how the current Kindergartens - especially in the US -  have little in common with the original philosophy. The article then suggests that it is time that we go back to the founding ideas of Froebel's Kindergartens..


Kindergarten today, especially in the US, has little similarity to the original philosophy as it was created by F. Froebel. It is time to return to the roots of the Kindergarten, and to encourage play, hands-on learning, whole-child development, and the use of the outdoors in our early childhood programs. Additionally, we need to return to the idea of the parent as being the child's first teacher, and to the concept of the early childhood years as being a totally separate educational program from K-12 schooling.

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Francis Wardle
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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Rifton, NY
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