The Unique Child. (Diversity in the Classroom).

<p>This chapter describes an approach to diversity of young children that begins with the individual child, as opposed to beginning with the groups the child belongs to. Once the individual child at the center of the process, then characteristics of the child - race and ethnicity, gender, language, income, and so on, can be added. The approach focuses on the uniqueness of every child, thus avoiding racial, gender, cultural, and other stereotypes.</p>


Most diversity texrs view diversity from within established groups, such as race, ethnicity, gender, income, and so on. This chapter, however, begins with the individual child, and then addresses various characteristics of the child. Each characteristic has a different weight, depending on its influence on the child, and the way the child influences it. Thus this approach also focuses on how the indivdula child impacts his or her own diversity.

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Preschool Health and Safety Matters
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