Fit and Fun. Fitness and Outdoor Activities.

This chapter describes the design of a playground for young children, including materials, safety issues, equipment and activity zones. Playground safety, maintenance and supervision are also discussed; specific applicable federal lays, such as ADA, are included. It goes on to discuss a variety of ways playgrounds can be used to nurture the physical development of young children, and help them learn to enjoy the outdoors.


This chapter describes how to design and maintain a safe playground for young children. Equipment, safety zones. supervision and maintenance are described, along with federal laws and regulations. While the focus is on safety, the text also encourages programs to nurture the outdoor play of young children, and to provide quality outdoor play opportunities.

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Book Chapter
Francis Wardle
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Preschool Health and Safety Matters
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91 - 103
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Saturday, January 1, 2011
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Silver Spring, MD.
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