Research Methodology Group 2019 Orientation


Welcome to 2019 Webinars by Committee of Methodologists.


You are invited to the kick off meeting tomorrow at 4:00-  PM AZ

Introducing the 2019 focus of webinars on design applications in both dissertations and studies conducted by faculty.  


  1. Welcome note by Mark, Mansureh, Ryan (brief intro about the RMG mission and approach in 2019)

Brief introduction on focus of the 2019 design supports (including the webinar/supplemental materials) by the design leaders:

  1. Mark McCaslin: Grounded theory 
  2. Mansureh Kebritchi:  Case study/action research 
  3. Ryan Rominger: Mixed methods/Program evaluation/narrative inquire 
  4. Erik Bean: Content analysis 
  5. Liz Johnston: Content analysis 
  6. Phil Davidson: Delphi method 
  7. Brian Sloboda: Experimental Quasi experimental  
  8. Armando Paladino: Correlational design 
  9. Michelle Hill: Causal comparative 
  10. Karen Johnson: Phenomenology 
  11. Jim Lane: Autoethnography and Narrative inquiry 
  12. LauraAnn Migliore: Survey Design 
  13. Q & A  [5-10 minutes]

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4:00pm MST

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