Dallas Campus Fourth Conference on Scholarship and Research


You are cordially invited to attend the University of Phoenix Dallas Campus Fourth Conference on Scholarship and Research on Saturday, April 30th at the Dallas Campus (DNC) between 9:30 am and noon.  This year the conference will include scholarship/research presenters, and a panel discussion conducted by preselected healthcare experts. The healthcare panel will focus upon present-day health care issues and interact with the general audience. We sincerely hope you will attend this event.


The goal of this conference is to recognize and discuss research conducted by UOP and visiting faculty, and to encourage continuous contributions to the body of knowledge. A secondary purpose is to encourage collegiality among like-minded scholars by promoting opportunities to network and establish forums for continuing research. An ultimate purpose is to generate contemporary, leading-edge knowledge that might enhance classroom instruction.

Register to Attend

Please register at the following Eventbrite site:


Submit a Presentation

If you would like to present research/scholarly projects, you may respond to this message with a brief proposal, or a well-developed paragraph summary of your presentation content.  Please send your proposals to james.chapman@phoenix.edu or wsunday@email.phoenix.edu. Up to six faculty will be selected. Faculty selected to present will be notified via email ASAP.

Presenters should prepare PowerPoint programs, including outlines, highlights, tables and graphs. Upon notification, presenters should submit a brief resume and a 50 to 100 word summary of their research projects for introductions and programs. Presenters will utilize 15 to 20 minutes, including discussions, questions, etc. Presenters are encouraged, but not required to compose and publish articles. The University provides numerous opportunities to publish articles in its publications.



Dallas, TX


7:30am MST