14TH BIENNIAL CONFERENCE International Society for Markets and Development ISMD


The world has undergone significant transformations over the past few decades. Emerging economics, global South or developing nations are those whose economic development measured in GDP has increased most in relative terms. Therefore, the entire notion of “development” and “markets” may it be economic or social can be challenged.  Recent research provides useful insights towards this very challenge; Buen vivir (Gudynas, 2011; Balch, 2013), market plasticity (Nenonen, Kjellberg, Pels, Cheung, Lindeman, Mele, Sajtos, & Storbacka, 2014), fair development (Ding, 2014), transformative consumer research  (Figueiredo, Chelekis, DeBerry-Spence, Firat, Ger, Gedefroit-Winkel, Kravets, Moisander, Nuttavuthisit, and Penaloza, 2015) to name the few. However, much remains to be uncovered in the broader socio-economic, political, cultural and other areas that work to define contemporary development in the era of the market, market places and market formation. This conference seeks to mobilize diverse and multidisciplinary perspectives in this regard toward a better understanding of the processes of practices of development in contemporary society.

Part of the goal for this conference then is to bring together traditional and emerging thoughts on the new era of markets and its connection to human development in all its forms. In this regard, we encourage papers and sessions on a redefinition of development grounded in contemporary understanding of markets from a multidisciplinary perspective. That is, we seek works that explore the current nature of development and the role that markets play in it. Historical and traditional treatments of marketing and development are also welcome. Some questions that are worth pondering for purposes of the conference are: Who are the beneficiaries of contemporary development efforts? Who are marginalized by these efforts? And what can be done to enhance development benefits and mitigate the negative effects?

As with earlier ISMD conferences, we anticipate thinking and investigations that rely on existing models to suggest new avenues for enhancing development around the world. We invite even challenge the essence of the term “development” and “markets”!

To this end, we are inviting submissions to 14th topical conference tracks described below but not limited to these topics. Each paper or panel submission should be addressed to only one specific track. Please select the track closest to your submission. For special session proposals or topics that are not captured by the identified tracks, please send proposals to Pia Polsa.

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