The Delphi primer: Doing real-world or academic research using a mixed-method approach

Use of Delphi method to do research that would otherwise be hard or impossible. Might be Mixed-Method if the later rounds of research are sufficiently quantitative.


This primer provides an overview on when and how to use the Delphi Method, a spectacular tool for mixed-method research. The Delphi technique provides the ability to first qualify the issues in the research area and then quantify those issues in subsequent rounds. One of the key benefits of Delphi research is its flexibility, often using experts when the actual participants from true target population are impossible to survey. This article reviews the many applications and best practices in using the Delphi method. The Delphi technique is uniquely suited for many types of academic, government policy and business research and it will be utilized much more extensively in the future.

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Book Chapter
Hall, E.
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The refractive thinker
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009
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Las Vegas, NV
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Cheryl Lentz
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