Defense sector procurement planning: a Delphi augmented approach to group decision-making.

This is an anthology of doctoral publishers related to the Defense sector. It includes and expounds on the work done by Jordan in his UoP Dissertation. Based on the current prescribed approach to procurement by the DoD, what improvements could be made to improve flexibility.


Delphi Method, or De Technique, is an established method for bringing teams of informed panelists, or experts, together to analyze complex and interrelated problems.  Organizations use group decision-making techniques to make sound plans, plans that gain support for the decisions made and build consensus. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requires the use of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) to ensure all disciplines are well represented in acquisition decisions. IPT planning process has several limitations, including the biases and inefficiencies associated with face-to-face meetings. The IPT process could be augmented to include Delphi analysis in order to develop more robust and more flexible procurement plans. Using the Delphi Method to augment IPTs could minimizing the costs and limitations of more traditional group planning while also significantly improve the quality of the procurement decisions. Delphi teams could be used with experts (or even with crowds) to provide sound analysis in many situations where the IPT process is ill equipped to produce unbiased and long-term results. Delphi teams would have the ability, as well, to look at bigger picture issues, and thereby avoid the narrow-scope, tunnel-vision analysis where most of the IPTs operate.

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Jordan, E. A.
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The refractive thinker
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Effective Business Strategies for the Defense
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016
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