Human Trafficking: An Untold Story

Front page featured story of the tragic lives of 21st century human slaves in the United States. 


Human Trafficking has surpassed drug trafficking over the Mexican border states of California, Texas and Florida.  Men are sold as manual laborers to construction companies.  Women are sold for prostitution and children are sold to pedofiles, or for human parts.  Babies are sold in illegal adoptions contracts.  Humans are considered by the "bosses and dealers" to be far more lucrative trade than drugs as prescription drugs are now the most coveted drugs by users.  

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Journal Article
Dr. Elizabeth Young
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International Guardian Newspaper
Dr. Anthony Ogbu
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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American Journal of Transformational Leadership P. O. BOX 740811 HOUSTON, TX 77274
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Dr. Anthony Ogbu
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