Virtual Reality Pedagogy Considerations in Learning Environments

This book capitalizes on the timely focus on connecting contextual analyses of student-centered online instruction with quality assurance principles in higher education. The increasing emphasis on cost-saving strategies that attract more non-traditional students to college and university programs is coupled by a widening gap between knowledge bases and applications to sustainable student-centered virtual learning environments. Consequently, readers could derive useful information from actual examples of emerging principles and practices related to designing, implementing, and evaluating virtual teaching and learning. Some of the takeaways will be focused on how to analyze the psychology of online learners as a way to identify ways to support their growth and development in their respective instructional settings. Along the same lines, online instruction program administrators could learn about strategies to design effective professional development programs that capture evidence-based strategies.


Abstract: New virtual reality (VR) educational applications are available in the markets almost daily but seldom include pedagogies, materials, recommendations or insights for adapting or implementing the applications into existing curriculums. Educators need to understand the pedagogical orientations of VR applications to prepare, apply, access, and evaluate a potentially productive practice that distinguishes and supports different strategies and optimizes student centered learning.  VR educational applications are most frequently built on learner centered models including direct instruction, experiential, discovery, situated cognition, and constructivism pedagogies.

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Book Chapter
Johnston, E., Olivias, G., Steele, P., Smith, C., & Bailey, L
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Student-Centered Virtual Learning Environments in Higher Education.
IGI Global
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
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