Practice based conversations with online dissertation chairs presented at Knowledge

× UOP online dissertation started 20 years ago × Success indicators-accredited, developing, many graduates × UOP chairs are pioneers in the modern doctoral degree × Chairs have been pivotal to success × Chairs might have expert insights into the process × We might share expert, practice based knowledge and skills through conversation. × The intent of this practice-based reflective conversation is to gather and share insights from successful dissertation chairs about their experiences with students and with the process in general. × The hope is to kick start some collaborative conversations around the complex work of Dissertation Chairs in online environments.

University of Phoenix Research Hub
Elizabeth Johnston
Patricia D'Urso
Keri Heitner
Barbara Mathers
Ina Marie Peoples
Louise Underdahl
Elizabeth Young
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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Knowledge without Boundaries (KWB)
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Paper Presentation
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United States