Use of Augmented Reality Nursing Education: A Systematic Review


Augment Reality (AR) is an emergent, disruptive technology with the potential to significantly impact all key economic industries, including specific sectors such as nursing education. Nursing education impacts all areas of all populations and has the potential to transform lives. The purpose of this qualitative systematic review (SR) is to provide a comprehensive, transparent, and reproducible collection of data relevant to responding to the research question of How AAI is used in nursing education to actualize specific learning outcomes. Results of the SR (systematic identification, appraisal, summary, and synthesis) will highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and obstacles for integrating AAI into nursing education programs and substantiate the need for further research.

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Conference Proceedings
Weinbaum, E
Schleckser, H
Bane, T
Magabo, M
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IACEP - conference proceeding
Springer Publishing
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