Actualizing Learning Outcomes in Nursing Education with Augmented Reality

International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology - IACEP
Weinbaum, E., Schleckser, H., Bane, T. M. & Magabo, Myrene
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Monday, January 29, 2018
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IACEP XVI in Guadalajara, Mexico (JAN 28-31, 2018)
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To compete with the global demands for competence of nurses across the globe, nursing schools have invested on computerization to prepare their learners to the workplace. The efforts to produce graduates with competitive edge do not end in computerization. There is a growing recognition to the value and role of artificial augmented intelligence (AAI) in enhancing the education and preparation of future nurses of a global society. AAI are known to have completely changed the way education is being implemented in almost all education programs, including the nursing education sector. AAI as a learning tool it meant to augment and support education providers and human teachers. The promising and phenomenal uses of such technological revolution, however, lead to some reflective and evaluative questions: How is AAI used in nursing education to actualize specific learning outcomes? How extensive are the uses of AIIs in nursing classes? How significant are their utilization in preparing future nurses to the workplace? How equitable are their utilization among educational institutions? Up to what extent are their uses in supplementing the learning needs of future nurses? Will AIIs soon to replace real time and real patients’ care internship for nursing students? What are the limitations when it comes to rendering quality patient care training? These reflective and evaluative questions on the use of AIIs in education can be well answered by academic leaders and educators of nursing programs. To this end, this structured literature review (SLR) is an attempt to provide an accurate picture of what is and what can be (in the near future). It is the intend of this SLR to highlight the implications of both AIIs in nursing education, and findings will enrich the discourse on technological advancements, like AII in nursing education.