The Christian Millennial Leading Generations in a Secular World


The workplace is at a pivotal time in history where specific game changers are radically affecting the way organizations are being led. One specific game changer is the shifting increase in a multigenerational workforce.

"Why is this pivotal?" Some of you may ask. Surely, this is not the first time people from different generations have worked "side by side." Yes, you are correct. However, today's societies are much different due to various ethical and moral stances each generation encompasses.

Many Christians have accepted secular ideologies only to join the generalized bandwagon of leadership. In The Christian Millennial: Leading Generations in a Secular World, Dr. Karen Bolser reveals that what we are witnessing today is a systemic decline of Christian influence globally, especially within the millennial generation.

Dr. Bolser argues that the Christian millennial should not participate in the promotion of secular thoughts and values rather they should begin by breaking the silence and defend the absolute truth of Christian leadership as well as the moral certitude of the distinct Christian vision.

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Dr. Karen Bolser
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The Christian Millennial Leading Generations in a Secular World
Tate Publishing
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Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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