Measuring Business Performance


Technology is a major enabler of social transformation. The internet, cloud computing, and other technologies make very simple for corporations to scale and act in the global environment. Scaling and having more and more customers is what every business wants, but with this the new global player faces the same challenges as any other global organization. Global organizations face multiple and diverse challenges while operating in continuously changing social, economic, cultural, legal, and technological environments. Studies show that most global organizations struggle to cope with this level of complexity. This book studies the business and Information Technology (IT) structure of multiple global organizations, compare them with generic process classification frameworks and with relevant standards and best practices, and suggests a common method to quantify and qualify performance in very complex global environments. The book details the path from metamodel, methodology, and process and suggests the solution of an Information System to realize that. It describes the conceptual solution and explains how to use virtualization and a roadmap to implement it.

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Dorin Andreescu
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Measuring Business Performance: A Systems Approach
Lambert Academic Publishing
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Monday, August 9, 2010
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Lambert Academic Publishing

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