Reviewer Assignments for Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Spring 2022

Reviewer Assignments for Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Spring 2022

Thank you for your interest in viewing the reviewer assignments for the Spring 2022 session of the Dissertation to Publication Workshop. 


The Dissertation to Publication Workshop is developed and operated under the direction of Dr. Mansureh Kebricthi, chair of the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research and the committee of reviewers are: Dr. James Lane, Dr. Andrew Lawlor, Dr. Karen Johnson, Dr. Louise Underdahl, and Dr. Sandy Nunn.


The workshop is accessible to Research Hub users who are members of the Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group. Users may request group membership on the home page of the Special Interest Group and request membership on the left side of the screen.



Author Reviewer
Aibana, Adewale Andrew Lawlor
Aikman, Regina Karen Johnson
Allen, Derrick Karen Johnson
Hadnot-Harris, Joshua Louise Underdahl
Andrean, Sibylla Jim Lane
Thomas, Jasmine Louise Underdahl
Banzon, Gail Andrew Lawlor
Black, Dianna Karen Johnson
Blalock , Rebecca Jim Lane
Brown, Mathew Karen Johnson
MurrellJones, Matasha Karen Johnson
Murphy, Essie Louise Underdahl
Bui, Sang Andrew Lawlor
Simpson, Alicia Michelle Louise Underdahl
ST PIERRE, MOZ Louise Underdahl
Collins, Anthony Jim Lane
Edwards, Theresa Louise Underdahl
Williams, Wellington Karen Johnson
Cooperwood Jemison, Rasheedah Karen Johnson
Smith, Lee Louise Underdahl
Couverthie, Manuel Karen Johnson
Cox, Victoria Jim Lane
DesChamps, Trelvis Sandy Nunn
Davis, Michelle Jim Lane
DeCicco-Jones, Monique Jim Lane
Demetry, Milad Andrew Lawlor
Bubbico, Amy Louise Underdahl
Edwards, Jason Andrew Lawlor
McNack, Shermaine Louise Underdahl
Etienne, Zalika H. Karen Johnson
Ezewike, Fidelis Andrew Lawlor
Fair, Willie Karen Johnson
WALKES, SOPHIA Louise Underdahl
Freitag, Conchita Andrew Lawlor
Anderson, Karen Louise Underdahl
Haskin, Jay Sandy Nunn
Young, Liz Karen Johnson
Copeland, Tiffany Louise Underdahl
Hebert, Michael Andrew Lawlor
Heck, Lyn Jim Lane
Hicks, Cynthia Karen Johnson
Hicks, Lorna Jim Lane
Chaava, MacDonald Louise Underdahl
Hoffman, Joseph Andrew Lawlor
Monk, Christi Sandy Nunn
Thomas, Natasha Sandy Nunn
James, Liquita Jim Lane
Jones, Pamela Jim Lane
Cook, Darryl Sandy Nunn
Khadimally, Seda Karen Johnson
Charles, Colette Louise Underdahl
Lake, Fayetta Jim Lane
Daniels, Elvire Sandy Nunn
Larmond, Deborah Karen Johnson
Lee, Omega Jim Lane
Fayemi, Foluke Louise Underdahl
Long, Sylvia Karen Johnson
Maye Sr., Anthony Andrew Lawlor
Mbachu, Ericka Jim Lane
Green-Gonzalez, Deborah Louise Underdahl
Mitchell, Chuck Andrew Lawlor
Green, Chavel Sandy Nunn
Avina, Isaac Sandy Nunn
Morales, Alana Andrew Lawlor
More, Stephen Andrew Lawlor
Morse, Brandi Karen Johnson
Murphy, Debra Rene Andrew Lawlor
Hines, Lucinda Louise Underdahl
Mohammed, Shahir Sandy Nunn
Ibe, Gloria Sandy Nunn
Nordgren, Lee Andrew Lawlor
Norrod, Benjamin Jim Lane
Overbey, Julie Jim Lane
Pralat, Deepika Karen Johnson
Prίncipe, Joanne Andrew Lawlor
Ramon, Barquin Andrew Lawlor
Rencher, Natalie Jim Lane
Rice, Jim Karen Johnson
Roberts, Ruby B Andrew Lawlor
Ross, Carmen Karen Johnson
Sadaghiani-Tabrizi, Avideh Andrew Lawlor
Samson, Sherille Andrew Lawlor
Shank, Melissa Jim Lane
Shoatz, Leo-May Karen Johnson
Siby, Sekou Karen Johnson
IKRE, PETER Karen Johnson
Kral, Julie Louise Underdahl
Spencer, Angela Jim Lane
Brown, Tesa Louise Underdahl
Stefanelli, Greg Jim Lane
Stout, Mary Karen Johnson
Jones, Vivann Sandy Nunn
Lindsay, Pamela Louise Underdahl
Langford, Lisa Sandy Nunn
Vaughan, Stephanie Karen Johnson
Conrad, Melissa Louise Underdahl
Washington, Derrick Karen Johnson
Newell , Willie Sandy Nunn
Yamada-Yuge, Kumiko Jim Lane
Strange, Gene Sandy Nunn


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