Reviewer Assignments for Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Fall 2022

Reviewer Assignments for Dissertation to Publication Workshop, Fall 2022

Thank you for your interest in viewing the reviewer assignments for the Fall 2022 session of the Dissertation to Publication Workshop. 


The Dissertation to Publication Workshop is developed and operated under the direction of Dr. Mansureh Kebricthi, chair of the Center for Educational and Instructional Technology Research, and the committee of reviewers is Dr. James Lane, Dr. Andrew Lawlor, Dr. Karen Johnson, Dr. Louise Underdahl, and Dr. Sandy Nunn.


The workshop is accessible to Research Hub users who are members of the Dissertation to Publication Workshop Special Interest Group. Users may request group membership on the home page of the Special Interest Group and request membership on the left side of the screen.


Author Reviewer
Allen, Alisa Karen Johnson
Barr, James Karen Johnson
Blake, Marlene Karen Johnson
Blalock, Rebecca Jim Lane
Boyd, Rory Andrew Lawlor
Brooks, T D Karen Johnson
Brown, Bedelia Sandy Nunn
Bubbico, Amy Karen Johnson
Bullard-Paynter, Lisa Andrew Lawlor
CARLSON, SYLVIA Louise Underdahl
Cates, Darrell Jim Lane
Charles, Colette Louise Underdahl
Cimperman, Stephanie Jim Lane
Collins, Manley Sandy Nunn
Conrad, Kelley Jim Lane
Conrad, Melissa Karen Johnson
Cook, Darryl Karen Johnson
Costa, Kirsten Jim Lane
Crawley, Jason Sandy Nunn
Crum, Kelly Louise Underdahl
Cura, Tatiana Louise Underdahl
Davis-Darby , Krishawn’s Louise Underdahl
DeCicco-Jones, Monique Karen Johnson
Delaney , Raymond Karen Johnson
Dexter, Beulah Andrew Lawlor
Edorhe, Izevbua Andrew Lawlor
Ekot, Rita Sandy Nunn
Ferebee, Susan Karen Johnson
Freitag, Conchita Andrew Lawlor
Fulgham , Duane Karen Johnson
Fuller, TaMika Sandy Nunn
Ghormley, Yvette Sandy Nunn
Goodson, Paula Jim Lane
goss, kizzy Sandy Nunn
Grass, Lisa Jim Lane
Green, Chavel Louise Underdahl
Green, Linda Sandy Nunn
Gulley, Nicole Andrew Lawlor
Harris, Rayshawn Karen Johnson
Hartwick, Rita Jim Lane
Haskin, Jay Karen Johnson
Heckstall, Kimberly Andrew Lawlor
Hidleburg-Johnson, Barbara Louise Underdahl
Hill, Michelle Susberry Andrew Lawlor
HINES, LUCINDA Louise Underdahl
Hines, Trina Andrew Lawlor
Huffman, Dr. Les H. Karen Johnson
Hughes, Joy Sandy Nunn
Ihrig, Michelle Jim Lane
Inserto, Fathiah Andrew Lawlor
Jackson, Heather Jim Lane
Jenkins, Hazel Louise Underdahl
Jenkins, Kenneth Louise Underdahl
Jewett, John Andrew Lawlor
johnson, sheila Sandy Nunn
johnson, sheila Sandy Nunn
Jones, June Jim Lane
Jones, Nichole Sandy Nunn
Jones, Tammie Jim Lane
Joy, Elizabeth Louise Underdahl
Juwah, Bridget Louise Underdahl
Kenny, Emily Andrew Lawlor
Kohlasch, Jacquelin Louise Underdahl
Lang, Juana Louise Underdahl
Langford, Lisa Sandy Nunn
Larmond, Deborah Karen Johnson
Lew, Adrienne Andrew Lawlor
Luceus, Magalie Andrew Lawlor
Makle-Ridley, Lanisha Andrew Lawlor
Manion, Constance Sandy Nunn
Martin, Missy Sandy Nunn
Martins, Simone Karen Johnson
McDonald, Karma Louise Underdahl
McKinney, Valerie Andrew Lawlor
McNack, Shermaine Jim Lane
McPherson , Tania Louise Underdahl
Melendez, DeKeshia Sandy Nunn
MELHEM, Amer Louise Underdahl
Miller, Aisha Jim Lane
Miller, Kristyn Karen Johnson
Miller, Michelle Jim Lane
Nation, Faith Louise Underdahl
Nazir, Syed Sandy Nunn
Nelson, Michelle Jim Lane
NEWTON, Kevin Louise Underdahl
Nieves, Jared Louise Underdahl
Nowell, Rocha Louise Underdahl
Nunley, Juana Louise Underdahl
Osarenkhoe, Nigel Louise Underdahl
Overbey, Julie Karen Johnson
Parker-McCullough, Betty Karen Johnson
Pelenah, Kerian Sandy Nunn
Petrone, Michele Louise Underdahl
Phillips, Terri Andrew Lawlor
Pointer Kincy , Xaviette Karen Johnson
Qaqish, Debbie Louise Underdahl
Reeves, Michelle Andrew Lawlor
Reynolds, Valerie Karen Johnson
Rhodes, Gina Louise Underdahl
Rhodes, Michelle Jim Lane
Rice, James Karen Johnson
Robinson , Wendolyn Louise Underdahl
Robinson, Belinda Sandy Nunn
Rodgers, Trina Louise Underdahl
Rodriguez, Rosalinda Jim Lane
Rogers, Dr. Terrell Karen Johnson
Rollins-Smith, Leslye Louise Underdahl
Ross, Carmen Karen Johnson
Sanders, Shakema Karen Johnson
Scott-Hall, Merta Andrew Lawlor
Sienrukos, John Karen Johnson
Simpson, Alicia Louise Underdahl
Smith, Sherry Jim Lane
Stewart , Shandra Jim Lane
Stout, Mary Andrew Lawlor
Sumayao, Brando Andrew Lawlor
Thomas, Anna Andrew Lawlor
Thomas, Natasha Andrew Lawlor
Viar, Abigail Sandy Nunn
WALKES, SOPHIA Karen Johnson
Wells-Johnson, Lucellie Karen Johnson
Williams, Shana Sandy Nunn
Yamada-Yuge, Kumiko Jim Lane

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