The Impact of Graphing Calculators on High School Students' Performance on a Standardized Mathematics Test

The Impact of Graphing Calculators on High School Students' Performance on a Standardized Mathematics Test

Michelle DeLoach
Program of study: 
Despite the availability of and pressures to incorporate educational technology into secondary curriculum, schools have not shown that technology is being adequately used by educators or that students in fact know how to use them. In particular, many teachers are not using technology such as graphing calculators as an instructional mathematics resource. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental study was to determine the effects of graphing calculator use on students’ mathematical performance. To achieve this purpose, the study compared the performance of students who used a graphing calculator to complete a standardized Algebra II assessment to the performance of students who did not use a graphing calculator to complete the same assessment. Descriptive statistics were used to provide information about the grouped scores for each item, number of students who completed each item, the spread of responses across each group, the range of scores, and the mean score of each question for the control group and for the treatment group. T-tests were completed and provided comparisons of data from both the control group and treatment group responses. The results of the t- tests for independent means compared the measures of student performance with whether the student used a graphing calculator or not. Results of the t-tests found the student’s total score to be significantly higher for students who used the graphing calculator (M = 0.54) when compared to those students who did not use the graphing calculator (M = 0.42), t (51) = 2.69, p = .01.
This dissertation is dedicated to my outstanding husband Johnny; thank you for supporting me during those countless late night study sessions and encouraging me to complete this task. To my children Justin and Madison; thank you for being my inspiration and listening to me while I talked endlessly about the dissertation process. Johnny, Justin, and Madison; words cannot express how thankful I am for you and for your encouraging words, patience and understanding as time was lost from spending time with you to accomplish this goal. To my extended family, church family, and friends; thank you for understanding when I had homework and was unable to entertain or visit. Without the love and support of my family and friends, this goal would not have been accomplished.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to those who helped me to accomplish the dream of completing this dissertation. Special appreciation is extended to Dr. Sara Jimenez Soffa (mentor) for her professionalism, guidance, expertise, and leadership. Dr. Tina Chapman and Dr. Alverna Champion, I greatly appreciate your patience and guidance in assisting me with constructive feedback that assisted in the completion of my dissertation. Gratitude is extended to Donna Betts and Terry KingForbes for their guidance and expertise in completion of this dissertation and the writing process. Additionally, I would like to thank the administrative staff of the school system, the principal, faculty, staff, and students at the high school for their support and participation in the study. Most of all, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me the foresight and ability to complete this endeavor; and to my loving, supportive family and friends who encouraged me throughout my journey.

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Physician Perceptions of Productivity Changes Post Health System Employment: A Mixed Method Case Study
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Do Employee Classification Types Really Matter in an IT Service Center Context
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Safety Risks of Cost Cutting in the Airline Industry: A Delphi Study
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Identifying Principals of Alcoholics Anonymous that Enhance Recovering Alcoholic Leaders' Emotional Intelligence: A Modified Delphi Study
A Study of Knowledge Worker Management and Collaboration at Science Applications International Corporation
Lifelong Learning: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study of Nigerian Pentecostal Pastors in America: The Effect of Leadership Style and Culture
Educational Leaders Perspectives of First-year College Students Computer Skills
A Qualitative Phenomenological Study: The Perceived Affects of Church Governance on Church Leadership and Growth
Health Care Professionals' Perceptions of the Use of Electronic Medical Records
High-fidelity Simulation Influences on Novice Baccalaureate Nursing Students
Grounded Theory: Difficulties in Accurately Forecasting Technology Integration Costs During Acquisitions in Latin America Banking
A Correlational Study of Transformational and Transactional Leadership and Organizational Commitment in Small Entrepreneurial Firms
Perceptions of ESL Professional Development Programs by Mainstream Teachers: A Descriptive Qualitative Study
A Qualitative Descriptive Case Study: The Impact of Texting on Writing Professors
Community Health Centers Primary Care Physicians' Asthma Management Perception: A Qualitative Study Regarding Uninsured Patients
The Economic Effect of Breast Cancer in Young Women in the Republic of Panama
Process of Knowledge Preservation and Transfer: Leadership Practices in the Aerospace Industry in Washington State
Student Dropouts and Non-attainment Prevention in Nepal Using GIS
A Phenomenological Exploration of Issues and Opportunities on Physician Usability of Electronic Medical Record Adoption
Perspectives of Non-residential African American Fathers: A Qualitative Study
Lived Experiences of Internationally Educated Nurses Holding Management Positions in USA: A Descriptive Phenomenological Study
Perceptions of Teaching African American Students Who Succeed During Science Testing: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study
Development of Therapeutic Presence in Mental Health Counselors
Construction of Meaning of Practice in a Depressed Economy: A Qualitative Case Study of Secondary School Teaching in Zimbabwe
A Qualitative Emancipatory Phenomenological Study of Childhood Obesity in the Ethnic Minority Community
Cultural Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing in Curriculum Development: A Business Faculty at a Syrian University
Quasi-experimental Research of Intervention Strategies to Improve Reading Skills for Students in Fifth Grade
Healthcare Leaders' Perceptions About the Nursing Shortage: A Qualitative Collective Case Study
Student Success and Institutional Accountability Through the Components of Voluntary Framework Accountability
Mentoring Program Alumni Views on Program Efficacy in Shaping Their Leadership Ability: A Case Study
Explanatory Case Study: E-Mail on Face-to-face Communication and Organizational Effectiveness
The Impact of an Aggressive Deployment of the National Electronic Health Record: Radiology Departments
Teachers' Perspectives of a Middle School's In-school Suspension Program: A Case Study
Model for Teachers to Recognize and Enhance Emotional Intelligence in Themselves and Urban Students
Baldrige Award-winning Hospitals: A Qualitative Phenomenological Exploration of Senior Leaders' Lived Experience
A Phenomenological Study of African American Women Caregivers for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
Examining Perceptions of the Underrepresentation of African American Faculty in Higher Education Administration
Assisting Low-income Single Mothers in Becoming Self-sufficient: An Instrumental Case Study
Enhancing Business Performance: Case Studies of Small Business Leaders in the Federal Sector
Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner Care in Retail Health Clinics
Organizational Leadership Awareness of the Hierarchical Mum Effect: A Modified Delphi Study
Secondary Mathematics Intervention and Cahsee Mathematics Performance
Navigating Through Chaos: Change Nurses and Patient Safety A Grounded Theory Study
Relationships Between Attitudes Toward Technology Use, Integration, and Assessments in Elementary Classrooms
Exploring a Relationship Between School Leadership Effectiveness and Teacher Technology Integration: A Correlative Study
Phenomenological Study of Higher Educational Leaders' Lived Experiences of Cultural Diversity After 9/11
The Church's Influence: A Qualitative Study of Church Leadership in Southern Arizona
Weighing the Options: Health Choices of Low-income Puerto Rican Mothers in Pennsylvania
Factors that Affect Parents' Choice to Homeschool in Clayton County Georgia: A Phenomenological Study
Financial Regulation and Economic Performance: A Descriptive Correlation Study of American Financial Institutions
A Comparison of the Inpatient Mortality and 30-day Readmission Rates of Heart Failure Patients
Perceived Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction: Analysis of Instructional and Support Departments in Community Colleges
A Qualitative Multiple-case Study of Electronic Health Record Adoption in Office-based Physician Practices
Employer Expectations of Bachelor-level Business Graduates in United Arab Emirates: A Delphi Study
Lived Experiences in Accessing Health Care Services by Nigerian Immigrants in New York City
A Phenomenological Study of Critical Success Factors in Implementing Information Governance
Leadership and Organizational Culture Influence on African American Women in Law Enforcement
The Influence of Health Literacy on Managing Type 2 Diabetes in Barbados: A Case Study
Exploring Nurses' Feelings on Floating: A Phenomenological Study
A Qualitative Collective Case Study: Attrition, Faculty Support and Student Perception
Evaluating the Role of Individual Identity: Insight into Employee Non-positional Assignments and Engagement
Small Business Owners' Recession Experiences: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
Phenomenological Study of African American Women and Cultural Influences in End-of-Life Care Planning Decisions
Exploring Student Attrition in an Associate Degree Nursing Program: A Phenomenological Design
A Grounded Theory Approach to the Construction of a Uniform and Sustainable Resiliency Development Theory
University Self-Identity Narratives: A Foucauldian Critical Discourse Analysis
Financial and Patient Impact of Electronic Health Records on Small Physician Practice: A Delphi Study
Effects of a Differentiation Strategy on Seventh Grade Students' Science Academic Gains
A Qualitative Descriptive Multiple-case study: Fortune 500 Leaders' Social Business Platform Adoption
Does the Code of Silence Relate to Whether Federal Employees File Whistleblower Grievences
Quantitative Study on Perceptions of Support Services and Student Persistence at a Southern University
Exploring Multicultural Initiatives in Higher Education: A Phenomenological Study
Leadership Efficacy During Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation Process
A Quantitative Study of the Factors Affecting the Federal Acquisition Workforce Performance
A Phenomenological Study of Underrepresentation of Senior Level African American Women in Corporations
Health Human Resource as Strategic Business Partner
Urban Public Schools: Lived Experiences of Indigenous Students
The Alignment of Individual Education Plan Objectives with Inclusion Classroom Practice
Looking Beyond Quality Perceptions to Customer Satisfaction with Technology Performance-based Acquisition Services
A Case Study: Teachers and Technology Integration at a Magnet School
Quantitative, Descriptive Study of Intergenerational Cohorts and Influence on Employee Engagement in Six Independent Restaurants
The Role of Personal values in Shaping Leaders' Experiences with Employee Engagement: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
Army Sergeants Lived Experience in Charge of Federal Civilian Employees Working at Fort Belvoir, Virginia: A Phenomenological Study
A Quantitative, Ex Post Facto, Correlational Study of Voluntary Resignations of Federal Public Exmployees
Quality of Information Retrieved from Unverified Sources Within Information Technology: A Qualitative Case Study
Lived Experiences of Salespeople Interacting with Sales Leaders Through Computer-Mediated Communication
A Correlational Study: Men and Women Leadership in Fortune 1000 Companies
Army Civilian Leaders' Challenge of Motivating Generational Cohorts
Multidimensional Leadership Strategies to Reduce African American Health disparities: A Grounded Theory Study
A Correlation Analysis of Employee Satisfaction and Management Practices in U.S. Organizations
Mentoring and African American Women's Advancement to Leadership Positions in Corporate America
Exploring the Roles of Clinical Nurse Leaders in Practice: A Qualitative Study
Exploring Holistic Nurse Manager Roles with New Patient Satisfaction Dimensions and Expectations
Egyptian Teachers' Awareness of Gifted Student Characteristics: A Descriptive Study
Transformational Leadership Style and Communication on Organizational Performance: A Qualitative Grounded Theory Study
Healthcare Information Technology: A Correlational Study of Governance Maturity and Patient Costs
Self-Transcendence and Servant Leadership Behavior in New Thought Spiritual Centers: A Correlational Study
A Delphi Study with Financial Planners of Black Women Teachers' Savings and Investment Behaviors Toward Retirement
Storytelling Leadership: A Semiotics Theories Qualitative Inquiry into the Components Forming an Oral Story
Electronic Health Record Documentation of Nursing Care: A Hermeneutic Investigation
Heart-Centered, Gratitude-Meditation, Adolescent School and Life Satisfaction: A Quasi-Experimental Intervention
A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of Case Managers' Perception of Top-Down and Bottom-Up Management Model
Predictors of NCLEX-PN Success for Practical Nursing Students
Relationship of Cultural Understanding and Business Success in the Middle East and North Africa: A Mixed Methods Study
Recruiting and Retaining Teachers: A Phenomenological Study of Former Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences
Post-Secondary Educators' Perception of Standardized Assessment on Higher Education Preparedness and Remediation
Dual Enrollment: A Correllational Analysis of High School Students' Participation and College Persistence in Florida
The Role of Administrators in the Collaboration of Math and Science Teachers
A Comparison of Ghanaian Work Ethic in American Multinational Companies and Ghanaian Companies in Ghana
Employer/Employee Perceptions of Performance Appraisal and Organizational Outcomes: A Case Study Approach
Developing Patient Cases for Problem-Based Learning in Dental Education
Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students at a Private Sector Institution: An Explanatory Case Study
Understanding Successful Small Business Decision-Making During Recessionary Periods: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
Operational and Communication Effectiveness, and Leadership Structures in Law Enforcement Organizations
A Correlational Analysis of vanity and College-Aged Generation Y Consumers' Perceptions of Short Message Service Apparel Advertising
Job Satisfaction in Substitute Teachers: A Cross-Sectional Study
Enrollment Continuation Needs of High-Achieving, Low-Income Students in Community Colleges
The 2014 Green Book: A Qualitative Historical Case Study
Reading Strategies to Support Home-to-School Connections Used by Teachers of English Language Learners
A Phenomenological Exploration of Faculty Experiences Using Lecture Capture Systems
A Quantitative Look at Formal Mentoring and African American Female Career Growth in Corporate America
Polypharmacy and the Senior Citizen: A Qualitative Study on the Influence of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
The Impact of Instructional Coaching on Student Achievement in Reading
The Effect of Course Completion within Selected Major on Persistence for Freshman College Students
Internationalization of South Carolina Enterprises: A Mixed-Methods Study of Barriers and Economic Incentives
Exploring Burnout and Turnover Intentions of Frontline Grocery Employees in Western New York
Synthesizing Perception, Reflection, and Expression with New Social Technologies in the Workplace
A Military Retiree's Perceptual Struggle for Employment in the Government or Civilian Workforce System
Nursing Students' Perception of Stress-Producing Experiences: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study
Correlation Between Principals' Leadership Styles and Student Graduation Rates
A Historical Study on Workplace Bullying
Job Shock Influence on High Employee Turnover in Call Centers: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
A Classical Delphi Study to Identify the Barriers of Pursuing Green Information and Communication Technologies
A Correlational Study of Western Female and Male Expatriate Adjustment to Abu Dhabi
Middle School Content Area Teacher Perceptions, Attitudes, Beliefs and Implementation of Writing Activities
Factors Contributing to Technology Integration in a Public High School: A Qualitative Descriptive Case Study
Federal Interagency Intelligence and Information Sharing: A Matter of Mission, a Function of Trust
Case Study of the PowerMentor Model for Latino Men Transitioning to College
How Past Experiences Impact a Nurse's Decision About Family Presence During Resuscitation: A Phenomenological Study
Millenials on Campus: Using the Traits of a Generation to Improve Higher Education
Understanding the Reintegration of Female Reservists Activated After September 11, 2001: A Phenomenological Approach
A Qualitative Grounded Theory Study of Technology Intelligence Quotient (TIQ)
Attributes Effecting Software Testing Estimation; Is Organizational Trust an Issue?
Elementary Teachers' Perceptions of Technology in the Classroom
Obstetric Providers' Perceptions Regarding Text Messaging as a Strategy Concerning Postpartum Depression
Political Participation Among Louisiana Advanced Practice Nurses
Assistant Principals' Lived Experiences with Managerial Skills Needed for Promotion: A Phenomenological Study
Administrative Support for Special Education Teachers: A Phenomenological Study
Disengagement, Intervention, and Drop-Out: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Students, A Phenomenological Study
Financial Management Decision-Making in the Department of Defense: A Grounded Theory Study
Burnout and Stress: A Phenomenological Study of ICU Nurses' Experiences Caring for Dying Patients
Influences of Significant Role Models Affecting Leadership Development Among Black Adolescent Males
The Productivity Change of Medical Practice Staff with Use of Electronic Health Records
Leadership Development for the 21st Century: A Qualitative Exploratory Case Study of First Bank of Nigeria
A Phenomenological Study of Key Stakeholders' Lived Experiences While Implementing an Aligned Foreign Language Curriculum
The U.S. Airline Industry and the Mishandled Baggage Incidents: A Multiple-Case Study Using Data Mining
The Kindergarten Students' Reading Performance and Perceptions of Ludus Reading: A Mixed-Method Study
The Impact of Learned Helplessness on Retention in Postsecondary Institution
An Exploratory Study on Disproportional Probation Rates in the State of Georgie
Meta-Analysis of Financial Collaborative Strategies of Biotechnology and Information Technology Startups
A Correlational Analysis of Burnout and Job Satisfaction Among Special Education Teachers
Knowledge Retention and Transfer in an IT Community of Practice: Leader and Former Participant Perspectives
Women Leaders in Virtual Team Settings in a Phenomenological Study
Enforcing and Prosecuting Animal Cruelty Laws in Texas: A Phenomenological Study
An Ex Post Facto Study: The Impact of Faculty and Institutional Characteristics on Student Retention
The Underrepresentation of Women of Color in the STEM Field: A Phenomenological Study
The Perceived Skills and Professional Development Needs of Administrative Leadership in K-12 Virtual Education
Building Professional Relationships Between Physicians and Practice Administrators: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
An Exploration of Rural Emergency Department Nurses' Perspectives on Patient and Visitor Violence
Healthcare Policy Decision-Making: A Phenomenological Study of Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Members
A Correlational Analysis of Self-Esteem Levels and Involvement in Risky Behaviors Among Female Freshman College Students
The Effect of Inclusion Models on Special Education Student Performance in Charter Schools in Washington, D.C.
A Quantitative Study on the Effects of Electronic Health Records on Patient Health
A Correlational Study Exploring Faculty-to-Faculty Incivility and Supervisory Resonant Leadership
Nursing Student Perceptions of Knowledge Application in Service-Learning: A Heuristic Phenomenological Study

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