Dissertation Abstract Journal - September 2017

Dissertation Abstract Journal - September 2017

Suzanne Kronsberg, PHD/NUR
Veronica G. Gatling, EDD
Sara B. Turpel, PHD/NUR
Jennifer N. Calito, EDD/CI
Sharon Brown, PHD/NUR
Joseph K. Cross, DM
Demetra L. Davis, DM
Christine P. Lumley, DHA
Stephanie F. Merck, PHD/NUR
Gayle Sherman, DBA
Tammy Newstead Valenzuela, DM
Mari Yang, DM
Mary Beth Townsend, EDD/ET
Theresa Y. Edwards, DBA
Perlita C. Cerilo, PHD/NUR

Dissertation Abstract(s): 

Women Educational Leaders: A Case Study of Perceived Barriers in Private Schools

Veronica G. Gatling
Program of study: 
The purpose for this explanatory case study was to gather the perceptions of 10 superintendents and five board presidents through interviews and field notes to develop an explanation for the dispari

Teachers' Beliefs on Technology Integration in Literacy Curriculum: A Qualitative Narrative Inquiry

Jennifer N. Calito
Program of study: 
Although the United States federal government has allocated $400 million in funding towards technology advancements in education, the National Center for Education Statistics has reported 65% of fou

Deployment Processing of Combat Veterans and Information Sharing Perceptions of PTSD Preparations During Mobilization

Christine P. Lumley
Program of study: 
A general problem during time of war is the various effectiveness of pre- and postdeployment healthcare screenings to ensure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) education for combat soldiers.

Emergency Response, Business Continuity, and Collaboration and Organizational Preparedness: A Correlational Study

Gayle Sherman
Program of study: 
The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to determine if and to what extent a relationship exists between the importance of business continuity management (BCM) elements to small bus
September, 2017