Dissertation Abstract Journal - May 2018

Dissertation Abstract Journal - May 2018

Saju Skaria, DBA
Tina R. Walker, DM
Leonard B. Jackson, EDD/CI
Peter Eugene Morgan, DBA
Antoinette Song, DM/IST
Lorna R. Assi, DHA
Natalie Hoffman, DM
Scott A. Gibbs, DBA
Felecia L. Mootry, DM/IST
Louisa Arthur-Ofei, EDD/CI

Dissertation Abstract(s): 

Middle School Special Education Standardized Reading Test Scores: A Quasi-experimental Study

Leonard B. Jackson
Program of study: 
The purpose of this quantitative retrospective quasi-experimental study was to determine if there was a statistically significant difference between sixth, seventh, and eighth grade special education

The Effects of Work in an Exemplar Continuously Improving Lean Production System: A Case Study

Peter Eugene Morgan
Program of study: 
Lean manufacturing is a collection of management practices that minimize resources used in the company’s transformation process through systematic reduction of process waste.
May, 2018