Disrupting the capital divide: Positioning economically- disadvantaged students to attain tertiary education.

Existing research highlight the value that is inherent when tertiary institutions partner with high schools to increase opportunities for economically disadvantaged students to successfully access tertiary education (Dyce, Albold, & Long, 2013; Hanlon, Simon, Grady, Carwwell, & Callaman, 2011, Schaeffer, 2014). It is well known that tertiary education is disproportionately accessible to affluent students while economically-disadvantaged students remain underrepresented on college campuses (Kimura-Walsh, Yamamura, Griffin & Allen, 2010; Milner, 2012).  Research suggests that although economically-disadvantaged students possess the desire and motivation to attend college, within their communities, they have less access to the social and cultural capital needed to successfully navigate the college-going processes (Kimura-Walsh, Yamamura, Griffin, & Allen, 2009; Roderick, Coca, & Nagaoka, 2011). Identifying operative ways to increase the college-going social and cultural capital among this population is of great importance in today’s global economy because of its potential to change the life trajectories of economically disadvantaged students and also, bolster the economic and social advancement of their countries within the global context (Bialka & Havlik, 2016; Starla, Grim, Medina, Bringle, & Foreman, 2013).

This presentation highlighted the findings of a qualitative study that examined how economically-disadvantaged high school students participation in a major university’s after-school outreach program impacted their attitudes, behaviors, perceptions, and self-concept regarding tertiary education access and success.  Data was collected via program observations, individual and focus-group interviews, and pre & post surveys. 

University of the West Indies
Diane Archer-Banks, PhD
Presentation Date: 
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Event or Conference: 
Biennial Conference of the University of the West Indies, School of Education
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Paper Presentation
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Hilton Rose Hall
Montego Bay, Jamaica 99999