Alignment in research triad and research method and design

A typical research study includes a problem to be investigated (problem statement), why the study is being conducted (purpose of the study), the questions the study seeks to answer (research questions) and the methodology (how will the study be completed).  Each of these basic elements must be aligned to guarantee a well-designed and “methodologically sound” research study. 

During this presentation, we will discuss the concept of alignment, and how to ensure that the key elements- problem statement, purpose statement, research questions and methodology - are clearly aligned throughout the study – from the start to the conclusion of the study.

College of Doctoral Studies’ Research and Scholarship Enterprise (RSE)
Archer-Banks, D. A. M. & Esmail, A. (2020)
Presentation Date: 
Thursday, October 15, 2020
Event or Conference: 
2020 RSE Workshop Series (University of Phoenix)
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Presentation Location: 
United States