Self-Directed Learning Readiness in Accelerated, Blended Programs -- Nicole Gulley, MBA

Type of Project: 
Rapid advancements in technology and access to vast informational resources require students to be prepared to be self-directed learners.  The topic of my dissertation is self-directed learning readiness (SDLR) of graduates from a blended program accelerated with technology and the relationship between short-term and long-term persistence in training-related employment.  I will be using a quantitative method with an ex post facto design for this study. As a school that is attractive to nontraditional students, the selected career college is accountable for helping students achieve gainful employment after graduation or they may risk losing access to federal financial aid.  School leaders must not leave this outcome to chance and should develop an understanding of SDLR and its relationship to short-term and long-term persistence in training-related employment. An understanding of SDLR is necessary to determine if improvements are needed in existing teaching and learning methods.  Better qualified workers will help global competitiveness by creating a workforce prepared to meet future labor demands.  The exploration of new associations with self-directed learning readiness will contribute to the body of knowledge related to self-directed learning in blended learning environments accelerated by technology. 


Project Status: 
Project IRB Approved