Experiential Learning–From the Classroom to the Boardroom -- Cynthia Keleman

Type of Project: 
Experiential Learning – From the Classroom to the Boardroom is a research project focused on providing students with the opportunity to partner with local businesses or service organizations to develop successful marketing plans and presentations. Students will learn how to formulate and declare marketing strategies to meet goals and budgets, perform research and analysis of markets and industry trends, as well as, learn how marketing will drive business to flourish.
The Experiential Learning experience supports persistence for modalities both online and at local campuses for students as it spurs engagement, ingenuity, and creativity. Additional benefits for students are interacting with business professionals, honing effective communication and networking skills that are crucial for working toward an occupation during the student’s academic career and developing confidence when pursuing an entrepreneurship. Benefits for participating businesses and service organizations include an accomplished pool of work ready employees that have become a known quantity and have achieved a marketable level of skills and knowledge.  
Project Status: 
Project in Development