The Effect of Faculty-Led Actions on the Quality and Quantity of Online Student Assessments -- Robert Sparks and Hildegarde Selig

Type of Project: 

This project will explore the poor quality and quantity of the Student End of Course Survey Results. It will try to determine if online student assessments can be reliable, accurate and valid indicators of instructor performance and quality of their class instruction.

Working Problem Statement: The quantity and quality of online student end of course evaluations is limited. The number of evaluations received in a class is very low, and most evaluations lack comments so that the quality is also low. (In UOPX terms, the Student End of Course Survey Results or SEOCS.)

Research Question: Would students' end of course evaluations improve in quantity and quality when the instructor encourages students to complete those evaluations?

Research Hypothesis: Instructor's encouragement will increase the quality and quantity of SEOCS.

Project Status: 
Project in Development