Understanding the University of Phoenix Research Approval Process

Understanding the University of Phoenix Research Approval Process

At the June 30th Detroit Community of Scholars meeting in Southfield, Michigan, members received support and resources to help them advance their research projects. Participants included School of Advanced Studies students and alumni, local and online faculty, members of the Detroit Market Academic Affairs, and the Associate Research Chair of the Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research.

Meeting Highlights

Dr. Michael McDonald discussed his personal challenges with the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Maintaining a positive attitude helped him move through the process. He offered these encouraging tips:

  • Use criticism in a positive way by cultivating a desire to grow from it.
  • Look at the IRB process as a challenge. It is like working out. The more you challenge your muscles, the more they grow.

Dr. Erik Bean discussed Research Center and publication strategies, which encouraged scholars to look beyond their research projects:

  • Become an expert in your topic.
  • Present at conferences.
  • Get your study published. (Be sure to follow the publications’ guidelines.)
  • Create a Google Scholar profile. (click My citations to create a profile)
  • Join Researchgate to connect with other researchers and to gain exposure. 

Additionally, Dr. Bean has written a variety of blog articles related to research and publication:

Dr. Jan Woznick presented an update on the Detroit Community of Scholars progress, which included an analysis of the survey results from the February Knowledge without Boundaries Conference and the April General Faculty Meeting research presentations. Dr. Woznick reviewed some of the key investigative questions, addressed what he learned from the comments and ratings, and discussed possible strategies for the future:

  • Milestone-related workshops
  • Buddy or mentor program
  • Personalized game plans

Moreover, Dr. Woznick’s analysis of the survey results shows how important it is for participants to complete surveys. Completed surveys provide a wealth of information related to understanding the needs and challenges of the participants and to formulating strategies for the future.


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