Qualitative Report Conference

Qualitative Report Conference

The Qualitative Report Conference met numerous UOP scholars

8th Annual TQR Collage  - Top row left to right: Mansureh Kebritchi, Jean Plough, Ronald Chenial, Middle row, Jim Lane, Erik Bean. Bottom row: Katherine Temple, Patricia Okojie, Bonnie Ellis, Janice Cardwell, Carolyn Ellis.

From nearly every segment of the University of Phoenix network, 16 scholars assembled at the recent 8th Annual Qualitative Report (TQR) Conference. Theirs was a diverse showcase of research, expertise, and knowledge inside and outside the academy, highlighting a wide range of qualitative studies and methodologies.  The conference also provided a venue for Phoenix colleagues to nurture lasting personal and professional friendships.

The theme of this year’s conference was When Qualitative Researchers Care.  Keynote speakers represented pioneers in qualitative research. Dr. Carolyn Ellis is the leading proponent for autoethnographic research, a methodology that demonstrates the emotional power and academic value of personal stories and reflection.  Yvonna Lincoln is a pioneer in the development of qualitative research methodologies.  Ellis and Lincoln provided poignant discussions on the best qualitative techniques using their ground breaking studies.

Among the School of Advanced Studies Research Center representatives included Jim Lane, associate research chair, Center for Professional Responsibility in Education (CPRE), who discussed his autoethnographic narrative analysis of the ethic of care in his experiences as a middle school principal. Mansureh Kebritchi, associate research chair, Center for Education and Instructional Technology Research (CEITR) who netted two studies, with Mark McCaslin, dean of research & scholarship, focused on the needs of doctoral students, and Erik Bean, associate research chair, Center for Leadership Studies and Educational Research (CLSER) who shared a Documentary Investigation of the Cultural Competence Exhibited at an African American Weekly Newspaper Organization.

Leadership from the University of Phoenix (UOP) Detroit Campus, including Jan Cardwell, vice president/director and Bonnie Ellis, academic affairs director, were greeted with substantial interest about their study, Prospecting for Leaders in Education Research by Forming a Community of Scholars and Katherine Temple, veteran Detroit associate faculty who fielded many questions about her project Students and Teachers against Violence and Crime: A Lesson in Servant Leadership. Other notable presentations from throughout the UOP faculty, campus, and administration network included:

Pearl R. Smith, Nancy Arduengo, Martha Taylo

Trusting Telework in the Federal Government

Jean Plough, John Avella, Ann Armstrong, Melissa McCartney, Alicia Holland

Meditation, Critical Thinking and Critical Inquiry in Higher Education: A Case Study

Patricia Akojie

In the Field: Experiences with Young Adults the First Year after High School

Most agree, TQR Conference is one of the best values and venues for networking and studying the craft of qualitative research. Find out for yourself by sharing your knowledge, projects, and expertise and join your Phoenix colleagues for three days of camaraderie, learning, and fun. The Qualitative Report hosts the annual conference during the second week in January at Nova Southeastern University.  Be sure to heed the next 9th annual proposal call The Phenomenology of Qualitative Research and get ready for the 2018 TQR Conference today. For tips on presenting, Dr. Ronald J. Chenail, The Qualitative Report editor-in-chief. has prepared a helpful video here.

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