Detroit Scholarship Day 2015 Presenters

Detroit Scholarship Day 2015 Presenters

Below we've included the complete list of 2015 Scholarship Day presenters for the Detroit campus event. They are listed by topic below. Scroll to the bottom for additional photos from the event.


  • Andreea Geamanu - The Benefits of Curcumin extract in Cancer Prevention
  • Mary Ann Troy * - Creating Awareness of Invisible Disabilities in the Classroom and Work Place: Strategies for Improving Student/ Employee Performance
  • Bonita Pedrosi and Katherine Van Hull - The Psycho-Social and Psycho-Physiological Benefits of Human Animal Interaction (HAI) as They Relate to Counseling and Wellness 


  • Katherine Blakely - Integrated Recovery Process Model for Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Cora Haskins, Antoinette Dziedzic, Scott Sowers, and Domonique White - How Can We Connect Course Content with University Learning Goals and Careers? Faculty Learning Goals Toolkit
  • Kevin Walsh * - Digging Detroit:  Creating and Marketing an   Historical Web-Series 

Teaching & Learning

  • Antoinette Dziedzic - “Splearning”:  Speed Learning in Short, Focused Sessions
  • Bonnie Ellis and Michael Rosser - Should Mathematics Be Taught in a Flipped Classroom?
  • Nicole Gulley - Technology:  The Integration of Content, Technology and Andragogy
  • Belinda Moses - The Evolution of the Classroom 
  • Hildegarde Selig * - Understanding Assessment Tools:  Rating Scales, Check-Lists and Rubrics
  • Domonique White, Brynne Barnes - The Empowerment of Reading Circles:  An Effective Strategy for Motivating Students to Read          


  • Don Ball - Exploring Leadership’s Business Cultural Assumptions and Practices within the Higher Education Industry, Influencing Graduate Employment Success in the 21st Century:  An Exploratory Qualitative Inquiry
  • Erik Bean - The University of Phoenix Research Center Customer Experience (CX) Assessment Study
  • Jan Cardwell - Fostering Student Success Through Motivational Messaging 
  • Jan Cardwell and Jan Woznick - Phoenix Listens:  A Community-Centric Approach to Education Services
  • Bonnie Ellis, Jan Cardwell, Mary Ann Troy and Scott Sowers - Can Leadership Competency Training Improve Perceived Leadership Skills?
  • Thomas Kehoe - An Assessment Analysis of HCS/405 and HCS/440  
  • Cynthia Keleman - Networking for Professional and Personal Success

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