We Rise for Scholarship: Detroit Market Community of Scholars Research Presentations, Part II

We Rise for Scholarship: Detroit Market Community of Scholars Research Presentations, Part II

Part II of We Rise for Scholarship focuses on the following presenters at the General Faculty Meeting on April 8th: Dr. Don Ball, Patricia Munson, Robert Sparks, Cynthia Keleman, and Dr. Jan Leon Wosnick. Presenters demonstrated scholarly leadership as they discussed the highlights of their problem-based research projects centered on challenges in industry and in education. Be inspired to embark on your own research journey as you view their presentation video clips.

Is Higher Education a Business?

Dr. Don A. Ball

Dr. Ball addressed outdated assumptions that could be affecting graduation rates. Watch the video clip to learn more about the effects of assumptions in higher education: https://youtu.be/cGWNLzmEobg

What do you think will facilitate a change in higher education industry assumptions?


Stereotypes and Barriers: Effects On C-suite Career Progression of African American Females: A Narrative Inquiry

Patricia Munson

Patricia addressed the underrepresentation of African American women in C-suite positions. She describes this condition as a “glass cliff” rather than a glass ceiling. Watch the video clip to learn more about her journey to discovering the barriers that limit progression in the face of diversity initiatives and affirmative action: https://youtu.be/H32QD_OieiQ

What diversity initiatives do you think are needed to insure African American women will be appropriately represented in C-suite positions?


SEOCS Research Project

Robert Sparks

Robert Sparks (who will be partnering with Dr. Hildegarde Selig) questioned the reliability of Student End of Course Survey (SEOCS) results of online students. Watch the video clip to learn more about his inquiry: https://youtu.be/6ljOrcYvajs

How reliable are the surveys you complete? What factors affect the quality of surveys?


Experiential Learning from the Classroom to the Boardroom

Cynthia Keleman

Cynthia Keleman discussed how experiential learning connects the classroom to careers. Watch the video clip to learn of the many benefits of experiential learning: https://youtu.be/9HM7OlsbS7k

How do you think experiential learning increases student motivation?


Cognitive Bias in Research: Issues and Insights

Dr. Jan Leon Woznick

Dr. Woznick discussed cognitive bias, a phenomenon that may affect faculty (especially associate faculty) with less tenure and/or with less research experience. Additionally, he covered the methodology he will use for testing his hypotheses. Watch the video to learn more about cognitive bias: https://youtu.be/YOtYiO27q7k

How would not knowing if you had cognitive bias affect your research project?


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