Effective Leadership for the 21st Century; Emotional Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence, a Narrative Review

Virtual Conference due to Covid 19 Pandemic - International Leadership Association's 22nd Global Conference - Conference Presentation of research project. Research Question: What is the influence on effective leadership between human's emotional intelligence and the development of machine learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the 21st Century. Global Audience. Effective leaders for the 21st Century need to have a mindset that is open to future possibilities. These leaders will inspire human employees with creativity and innovation; while incorporating the advantages of artificial intelligence.

International Leadership Association
Dr. Debra Sandberg and Dr. Michael Lindquist
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Sunday, November 8, 2020
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ILA International Leadership Association's 22nd Global Conference
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Paper Presentation
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7400 N. Leewynn Dr.
Sarasota Florida
United States
Research presented 11/8/2020- Publishing full research document to follow.
This narrative review of literature explores the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating the characteristics EI (emotional intelligence) and/or AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enhance effective leadership styles for the 21st Century. The research demonstrates the how humans can find a fulfilling role in effective leadership by embracing our human characteristics of emotional intelligence and understanding the impact artificial intelligence has on how work gets done in a variety of industries.