Peer Reviewer for International Journal of Healthcare Management

Peer Reviewer for International Journal of Healthcare Management


October 24, 2017


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International Journal of Healthcare Management
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Peer Reviewer for article number IHM516 Medical Tourism Globe Trotting: Features, Impacts and Risks - Purpose of article: Insight into topics of Medical Tourism that remain undefined, unresolved and unregulated. Include ethical, legal, and medical risks due to country standards, legal systems, and regulations.

The article covers the stated purpose of the topic. There is an overview of the Medical Tourism industry and stated reasons for growing concerns related to ethical, legal and medical risks.  The article gives basic information and is easy to read. 

What is missing from the article that would enhance the positive side of developing quality and standards in the industry is the creation of global professional organizations such as the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQA), Patients Beyond Borders (PBB) and International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) that are all working hard to create certifications and quality standards to promote safety and best practice standards in the Medical Tourism Industry.

The article did mention several International accrediting agencies such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), a US based accreditation organization is now accrediting medical tourist services in 44 countries.  While there is no requirement to obtain services from an International accredited service, there is increasing pressure from the educated consumer to look for quality standards and accreditation prior to agreeing to travel for care.

The article talks about “tour operators” which has become a profession in the medical tourism industry; however, the article does not mention this profession has standards and certifications such as: International Patient Specialist, Certified Medical Tourism Professional, Medical Tourism Marketing Professional, Certified Medical Tourism Hospitality Specialist, Certified Medical Travel Hospitality Specialist, Certified Health Tourism Specialist.

The industry is growing and evolving there are risks associated with traveling for care; which this article does a good job of explaining.  There is also a growing professional side to the industry that is addressing the concerns of ethical, legal, medical and quality risks’ which in not well represented in the article is perhaps missing an opportunity educate the reader on what to look for in a medical tourism program when deciding to travel for care.


The article could use a professional header.  It does appear to meet the other author guidelines of the Journal.

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Medical Tourism globe-trotting: Features, Impacts and Risks
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