ILA Conference 2018 Reviewer

ILA Conference 2018 Reviewer


February 23, 2018


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International Leadership Association
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Peer-Reviewer, Presenter

Peer-Reviewer for the International Leadership Association's ILA’s global conference on Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace & Prosperity in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. Track reviewer for topics of Leadership Development.

Submission: Authentic Leaders Understand and Practice GQ: Generational Intelliegence! 

All Academinc Code: 1394356


The proposal is poorly written.  The Short Description and the Detailed Abstract could use clarification to be able to understand just what the presenter would like to do.  Many sentences and concept ideas should to be more clearly stated to professional be able to represent a valid activity for the conference.

The idea of having age and experience groups called generations needing guidance as to how to best work together by understanding the background of their experience related to how they approach work and problem-solving has merit.

The theoretical framework has not been described. Cited works on related studies, review of literature or clear description of the problem appear to be missing.  There does not appear to be a description of the implications of research, theory or practice.

The design of the presentation or project could be better described.  The only point noted was the process of questioning the group of a 5-step process that is not described.

There is no description of outcomes of the practice or the possible increase of professional knowledge to substantiate the exercise.

There is no conclusion indicated and does not correlate back to the short description as to how this concept and proposed exercise for the audience at the conference relates the improvement of the relationship between leaders and followers. 

Implications – there does not appear to be anything written to indicate how this will bring new knowledge to the leadership field. There could be implications of understanding the concepts of the different generations; however, the description of the implications are not written.  The proposal appears to be incomplete.


To Author

Short Description

The short description is not very clear.  This section does not have the descriptive detail to help the reader understand what the study will be about.

  • Suggest clarifying “four generations”, is this generations of family members, generations of staffing, age differences, etc. Could be clearer.
  • When discussing participants – what type of participant are these participants the leaders, followers, whoever the four generations are? Should be clearer
  • Twelve places in the last sentence of the short description – needs clarified – what type of place, is it geographical, procedural, etc.?
  • Tend to come together – in a place, in an agreement, needs to be clearer.

Detailed Abstract

Suggest you identify what you mean by “generations” at the beginning of the proposal. Looks like “four generations” are generations of experience.  Suggest combining the experience of these generations with the name of the generations. Starting with the third sentence in this abstract, suggest the name or title given the generation be listed in the sentence that describes their experience.  This would help clarify this sentence as to which experience belongs to which generation.  There are details describing each generation as the paragraph goes on.

Sentence: Knowing the 12 sticking points can allow teams… Suggest here a sentence stating describing what is meant by a sticking point and how it applies to an organization. Then later there is an identification of what each sticking point by name and character description. Suggest combining these two sections.

Questions to the group talks about 5 steps, what are the steps, should be clarified and what happen to the sticking points, how does this relate?

The descriptions of framework, design, findings, conclusion and implications all could use more clearly defined details to be complete.