Is Knowledge Based Artificial Augmentation Intelligence Technology the Next Step in Instructional Tools for Distance Learning?

dioi 10.1007/s11528-017-0210-4


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With augmented intelligence/knowledge based system (KBS) it is now possible to develop distance learning applications to support both curriculum and administrative tasks. Instructional designers and information technology (IT) professionals are now moving from the programmable systems era that started in the 1950s to the cognitive computing era. In cognitive computing or KBS a machine understands natural language, adapts, learns, and generates and evaluates hypotheses. A KBS system can manage data and assist instructional designers in creating tools and curricula that generate meaningful applications. As a proof of the concept, the authors conducted an exploratory case study with the input of twenty subject-matter experts (programmers, instructional designers, and content experts) for development of a proto-type KBS scholarly writing software (SWS) application that can be used for distance/online learning. Philosophical differences between the artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence approaches are also discussed. The role of instructional designers in the development and use of augmented intelligence with IBM’s Watson is also a significant part of the discussion.


Artificial augmentation Artificial intelligence Cognitive computing, knowledge based systems Machine learning Natural language processing Distance learning and artificial augmentation applications IBM Watson and distance learning tools.


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Journal Article
Crowe, LaPierre, & Kebritchi
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AECT Tech Trends
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Tuesday, July 4, 2017
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ISSN: 8756-3894 (Print) 1559-7075 (Online)
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