Augmented Artificial Intelligence and Virtual/Mixed Reality: Next Generational Users of Instructional Tools for K-12 and Higher Education


Use of classroom and online learning and administrative technologies in schools and higher education institutions has grown at an exponential pace. With this growth comes expectations by students to have new and emerging technologies to support their learning. Due in part to the generation shift moving from digital immigrant to more students being digital natives, this is particularly true for Gen Z/iGen/Centennials (born 1996 or later). The purpose of this critical review and exploratory case study was to gain insights from 13 instructional designers, information systems professionals, and content subject matter experts pertaining to the current and future use of artificial augmented intelligence and virtual/mixed reality technologies for both public and higher education.

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Journal Article
Crowe & LaPierre
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International Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications Special Issue On: Transforming Learning with Smart Technology
IGI Global
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Susan Ferebee & Mansureh Kabretchi
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