Recap of Activities in 2018

Recap of Activities in 2018

As we maintain an active agenda, it is best to review what we have accomplished in 2018:


         For several years, faculty, students, and alumni have presented conferences for the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Association of Behaviorial and Social Sciences. While most presentations went well, others have been a learning experience. To share these experiences, we published an article in the Phoenix Scholar

  • Priest, L . , Lawrence, F. ,  Conrad, K. , Mailloux, D. , Ferguson, D. , White, A., & Bynum, R. (Fall 2018 ) Successes, Challenges, and Adventures in Conference Arenas. Phoenix Scholar, Volume 1 Issue 4 Page 17 -18


We have a few ongoing research projects. A study of parity issues and attrition in jails actually began as a community college project in 1985. The study was redone in 2015 by this community. Results from this study has been provided in American Jails (American Jail Association) and presentations at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences - ACJS (Criminal Justice Professors). 

  • Priest, L., Lawrence, F., Smith, D., Conrad, K., and Bynum, R. (May/ June 2018) A comparison of attrition and initial training costs in jails 2008- 2013. American Jails. P. 47 - 50

In 2012, University of Phoenix became involvded with the Wayne County Sheriff's Department - Corrections (Detriot) to develop advanced in-service for the officers. Events in criminal justice (such as Fergsuon) allowed us to revisit one of the topics- cultural conflict training in colleges and criminal justice organizations. A study was conducted with ACJS members on the effectiveness of cultural conflict and diversity in college curriculum to resolve problems in society. Several articles,workshops,  and presentatons have been provided.


  • Priest, L., Lawrence, F., Delaney, R. , Smith, D., Furst, C. & Bynum, R. ( Jan, 2018) Philosophy of Punishment, Justice and Cultural Conflict in Criminal Justice. Police Chief, Criminal Justice Reform. International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)



We provide presentations and workshops at local campuses (UOP Phoenix Research Symposiums, UOP Southern Arizona Knowledge Conferences) and national conferences( ACJS) and the Association of Behavioral and Social Sceinces. Our research community is made up of faculty and students from various colleges - College of Business, College of Health Care Administration, College of Social and Behavorial Sceinces, and the College of Doctoral Studies. We become involved in many areas of study - mental health, suicide factors in criminal justices, issues with offenders with special needs, drugs issues with female offenders, and other topics.

  • Bynum, R., Ferguson, D., Lawrence, F., Smith, D., Priest, L., Delaney, R. (2018, Feb)  “Challenges of re-entry for offenders with special needs” Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference. New Orleans.


Current Projects

Several of our projects are continuation of previous studies:

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2019, "Comparitive Studies of Attrition and Training Costs in County Jails"

An article is being done for the American Jails publication (American Jail Association) on "Suicide Factors for Corrections Officers"

A research study is being developed on looking at the effectiveness of social justice curriculum. The study will be conducted with the ACJS members and American Jail Association members.


If anyone is interested on working on any of these or other projects, please contact:

Ray Bynum (

Lorraine Priest (